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First of all, we would like to send our best wishes and warmest greetings to all of you. In today's society, men's demand for relaxation massage is increasing. Especially for the bustling and busy life in our country, this demand is constantly increasing, requiring this service industry to be increasingly completed and brought to a new height.

Hotel-Massage VL prides itself not only as the leading service facility in the Masage chain of District 12, but also as the most prestigious facility in Ho Chi Minh City today - The place is considered the mecca of the service industry. Facing the unhealthy competition of massage parlors because of chasing profits, providing customers with not really good services, bringing to customers weak skilled technicians have a great impact on the industry. current massage.

Hotel-MassageVL is pleased to be a prestigious destination, committed to the best service quality for our customers. Located at 79 Phan Van Hon - a prime location in Ho Chi Minh City, Hotel-MassageVL is the ideal destination for both domestic and foreign customers, bringing both modern and luxurious Asian-European styles. Diverse rooms are decorated in Japanese style. Especially, the air-conditioned relaxation room is designed with a spacious and airy area. Quiet space and equipped with a chair system consulted from the best experts in health and physiotherapy, plays an important role in relaxing and relieving stress for each person after the working day. tired, ready to relay the next day to continue working.

Here, you can also experience foot massage, acupressure day to help your feet regain the best function, in addition you can comfortably watch movies, listen to music, read books and enjoy food services. Free drink helps the body to restore energy. With a team of well-trained technicians with highly skilled expertise will bring you unforgettable moments of relaxation right the first time to us.
Hotel-MassageVL is honored to be a reputable entertainment and relaxation destination for high-end services, both to meet the traditional Vietnamese massage services with special herbal and inhalation drugs. Ethnic minorities have therapeutic effects, reduce osteoarthritis pain, regulate blood gas for the body. Combined with Japanese nuru massage method, it will surely satisfy the most demanding goods.




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Hotel Massage VL

Địa chỉ: CS1: 79 Phan Văn Hớn, Tân Thới Nhất, Quận 12, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

             CS2: 146 đường số 3, Phường Bình Hưng Hòa B, Q. Bình Tân, TP.HCM

Email: massagevl79@gmail.com


              CS1: 0349 969 168 - 0907 21 66 99

              CS2: 0833 73 11 66

Zalo: 0349 969 168

Telegram:  0349 969 168

MST: 0316230070

Website: hotelmassagevl.com - massagevl.com


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